Promocja potencjału inwestycyjnego miastaJaworzno


good perspective for investment

Jaworzno with its 152km2 area, is one of the biggest towns in Poland. It has areas with utility infrastructure prepared for investment. There are more than 8 000 which operate in the town. Openness to investors, their efficient service and the number of active inhabitants create the possibility for development of large and innovative investment in the town. Investing in Jaworzno is encouraged by projects of reconstruction of the transportation system and efficient business environment..

Advantages of Jaworzno
  • the town is located near the junction of A4 highway and S1 express road
  • the distance to the international aiports are: 42 km to Krakow-Balice, 46 km to Katowice-Pyrzowice
  • there is about 40 minutes drive to Krakow, 20 minutes to Katowice, 2 hours to Wroclaw
  • assistance in completing the formalities at every stage of the investment process
  • social potential and numerous business environment institutions
  • diversified investment offer (prepared and well connected: residential areas for services and industry)
  • low tax rates, allowances and exemptions
  • a huge market (within a radius of 100 km from Jaworzno live 8 million people)


a space of possibilities

Jaworzno is a place of a high quality life and professional possibilities. It is a good place for living, which has dynamic development in area of education, culture, sport and town infrastructure. The crime rate is low and the city is one of the safest in the region. Interesting housing offer encourage to settle in Jaworzno.

For many years the town has invested in improving the quality of public areas. They are adapted to the needs of different social groups. It has a diverse cultural and recreational offer. There is also a modern public transport, that is exemplary one in the Silesia. 

Advantages of Jaworzno
  • wide educational offer, many kindergartens
  • qualified health care provided by the hospital and a network of health care centers
  • implemented multifunctional e-services for citizens
  • available broadband internet
  • one of the safest town in the region
  • modern public transport


the green town

Jaworzno is a green enclave of the region. The town area has high natural values. The land relief and the plant cover are varied and it has rich flora and fauna. Space biodiversity is a definite adventage of Jaworzno. Numerous protected areas and uniqueness of nature make our town attractive for walking and cycling.

The Ecologial-Geological Educationy Center GEOsfera is a well-known tourist product in the region and in the country. It is a place where no matter what sesason is, it educates in animate and inanimate nature, and there the education goes beyond the theory.

Advantages of Jaworzno
  • about 70% of the territory of the town is green area
  • qualified health care provided by the hospital and a network of health care centers
  • developed and ordered local parks
  • many bike and hiking trails

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